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intermediate Excel is a powerful application that can help in generating reports. This is exactly why we offer an INTERMEDIATE EXCEL TRAINING COURSE. To ensure that individuals are aware of the basics of Excel to help do tasks quickly and efficiently. It will also help you understand how much you can do with Excel. Additionally, it will increase the effectiveness of the reports and presentations that you use Excel to prepare.

More often than not, you invest a great deal of effort into sorting out all your workbook data and calculations. It is a real shame if some, or all, of this effort, is wasted because the end product that you rely on, or present to others doesn’t make the required impact. Some of Excel’s most powerful, but least obvious, features can help you turn an unremarkable set of figures into a graphical presentation.It will help you provide real insights and drives important decisions.

Microsoft Excel Intermediate and Advance help participants get a deeper understanding of the functions and features available.  As well as elevates the participants’ Excel skills to a different level. This course is by professionals for professionals looking to improve their knowledge.


Course Objective
Microsoft Excel 2010/2013/2016 Intermediate Course:At the end of this 1 day course participants are expected to learn the following:
  • Moving from one workbook to another
  • Calculating multiple sheets using 3-D Formulas
  • Monitoring formulas using Watch Window
  • Using Workspace
  • Formatting Texts using Functions
  • Transposing Data
  • Add backgrounds & watermarks
  • Naming Cells and Worksheets
  • Sorting and Filtering
  • Using Tables
  • Using structured references on Tables
  • Using COUNT, SUM, AVERAGE in filtered tables
  • Using Hyperlinks
  • Sending Worksheets via Email
  • Combination Charts
  • Using and Inserting Sparklines
  • Using Audit Features
  • Protecting a worksheet
  • Using Ribbons
  • Using Templates
  • Create PivotCharts

To achieve these objectives, Advanced Learning Programs (ALPs) will use the below Lesson Plan:Lesson 1 Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Moving from one workbook to another
  • Calculating multiple sheets using 3-D Formulas
Lesson 2 Advanced formatting
  • Number formats
  • Using functions to format text
  • Styles and themes
  • Advanced formatting
Lesson 3 Outlining and subtotals
  • Outlining and consolidating data
  • Using subtotals
Lesson 4 Cell and range names
  • Creating Cell names
  • Creating Range names
Lesson 5 Tables
  • Table Sorting and Filtering
  • Exploring with tables
Lesson 6 Hyperlinks and Web features
  • Inserting Hyperlinks
  • Using Web features
Lesson 7 Advanced charting
  • Chart options
  • Combining Charts
Lesson 8 Protecting Workbooks and auditing
  • Auditing features
  • Adding comments
  • Protecting Workbooks
Lesson 9 Templates and settings
  • Changing settings
  • Using templates
  • Creating and managing templates
Lesson 10 PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Using PivotTables
  • Using PivotCharts
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