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[SpeedyCourse Lab x Altabest Management Services] Business Writing Webinar

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Business writing is now a staple of our working lives. Reports are often the
principal evidence of our work and the means by which our clients and colleagues judge our worth. But are you sure your readers actually read them?

A results-oriented report-writing course

Many people tackle writing a business report in a hurry, without enough planning and with little thought for the reader. This business writing webinar will arm you
with some simple techniques to radically improve the quality of your reports – and the results you get from them.

On this business writing webinar you will learn how to:
● state your business writing’s objective clearly
● identify and plan a clear business writing structure
● tell your readers what they need to know
● build rapport with your readers
● get the tone right
● keep readers reading to the end of the business write-ups
● make your language flow
● use plain English
● write confidently and authoritatively
● leave your reader with no doubts about your message


1. Effective Communication
2. Communication Framework
3. Models of Communication
4. Objectives of Communication
5. Effective Communication Skills
        6. Methods of Effective Communication


1. Business Writing
2. Steps in business writing
3. Models of business writing
4. How to Get Readers’ Attention
5. How to Establish what you are Writing is relevant to the Reader
6. How to Keep Readers interested
7. Building Credibility in Writing

1. Making Messages Effective
2. Letter Writing Guidelines
3. Meeting Writing Guidelines
4. Report Writing Guidelines
5. Anatomy of Report
6. Simple One-Pager Report


Internationally Recognized Management and HRD Consultant

With a B.S. in Psychology, M.A./PhD in Clinical Psychology and Masters in Development
Management with certificate course of Project Management at Wharton School of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, USA, Flor has a wealth of knowledge about individual, group, and organizational behavior. For the past thirty-six years, she has engaged individuals and organizations in the change process to increase their productivity, efficiency and effectiveness to include the training on strategic business plan programs, develop leadership skills, and build
self-mastery. She uses a systems approach in working with individuals and organizations.

• Project Management Professional, PMI-USA Certified (Project Management Institute)
• International Quality Federation of USA Certified Six Sigma Black Belt
• Institute of Sigma Learning Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Membership:
• Project Management Institute - PMI ID
• International Quality Federation of USA - IQF ID
• Institute of Sigma Learning - ISL ID
• American Society for Quality - ASQ ID


Feb 10, 2022
Thu 01:00 PM — 04:00 PM
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