Turn your Stress and Anxiety into Power - Safe SPACE (Self-Paced Program)'s Enrollment Cover
Turn your Stress and Anxiety into Power - Safe SPACE (Self-Paced Program)
Turn your Stress and Anxiety into Power - Safe SPACE (Self-Paced Program)
Training Details

This coaching session is designed to help breadwinners, single parents, and anyone who doesn't have time to consult a specialist to deal with mental stress and anxieties.

I designed the program to fit your busy schedule and divided it into 3 parts that need to be watched 1 week apart. I designed the program this way so you can give yourself time to fully immerse in and understand the concepts in each section.

You will receive a workbook in your email after you purchase the course. Please download and use this workbook while watching the coaching sessions.

Each session is interconnected. This will help you form the habit of taking action.

I'm excited for these 3 sessions to help change your life in just 3 weeks! You just have to trust the process and play 100%!

Good luck in your journey and hope to meet you in person soon!


I am currently giving this coaching program at a special rate of only 995 pesos from the regular rate of 3995 Pesos.

First Session: 

  • Introduction
  • Principles you need to learn
  • Outcome
  • Self-discovery 
Second Session
  • Changing your focus
  • How to handle overwhelm
  • How to minimize challenges in your mind
  • How to overcome anxiety
  • Meditation
Third Session
  • Recap
  • Creating your future 
  • Tool to help you release stress
  • Moving forward
Course Content
3 videos • 03h 29m total

Coaching Session Day 1
Coaching Session Day 2
Coaching Session Day 3
1 Course • 1 Online Video Course
Do you want to have a tool that will last you a life time that will help you take back control of your life?

Do you want to have proven techniques that you can use everyday to help you achieve your goals?

Do you want to have more time and wealth to do the things that you enjoy and want?

Imagine if you could have whatever you want in life by simply learning new principles and techniques on how to maximize your mind.

To have the ability and skill to live the life that you've always wanted with all the time and wealth along with it.

How much do you think will it cost you?

How much are you willing to sacrifice for it, if you knew a process that works and will change your life?

I'm NLP Master Coach and Trainer June Acebedo.

I'm the First Filipino ABNLP Certified NLP Trainer from the Philippines.

I am also an ABNLP Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Coach, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Certified Master in Time Line Therapy (r)

I help individuals improve their performance and coach them on how they can reach their goals in life.

I also help individuals develop a mindset that attract more wealth and money in their life thru Neuro-Linguistic Programming tools, coaching tools, Time Line Therapy (r) and Hypnotherapy.

I teach individuals how to be truly empowered and install a powerful mind upgrade that will help you surpass whatever challenge in life and give you the confidence to go after your dreams and goals.

What are you waiting for?

How badly do you want to change your life?

Reach out now and let's work together achieve your dreams and goals!
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