Competency Training for Safety Officers in the Construction Sites
Competency Training for Safety Officers in the Construction Sites
Training Details
Be a Competent - Effective, Efficient - Safety Officer.
2 days training for Safety Officers in the Construction Site. This training is intended for those who are newly hired or employed as safety officer in the construction sites. If you work as safety officer would like to be a safety officer in the construction industry, this is a must attend training. Be hired as safety officer or safety personnel by contractors and subcontractors in the construction business.
Training makes the difference when you want to be better than other applicants for the position as safety officer.
Whether you have or have not attended your Cosh or the Construction Occupational Safety and Health Training, this training will help you as it provides you with the very good foundation to build on your career in safety as a safety officer.
We want to help you make a good start with less fear of failing in the performance of your duties and responsibilities as a safetyman in the construction site. We are offering this 2 day training with you in mind. If you want to learn in a more focused approach, in-depth and more comprehensive approach, everything and anything about safety officership in the construction company, you must attend this training. 

Day 1

  • Role of Safety Officer
  • OSH Programming
  • Department Order No. 198-18
  • Workplace Safety Inspection
  • Behavioral Safety


Day 2

  • Documentation and Reporting
  • Personal and Management Communication
  • Incident Prevention and Management
  • High Risk Activities and Controls
  • Becoming Effective Safety Officer
The trainer is an engineer and well exposed to safety officer works and activities in the construction sites. His hands-on and real life experiences, knowledge, and skills will definitely benefit anyone attending this 2-day training. Do not miss it. Register today. We will limit the slots to ensure quality.
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Loyalty Reward

  • Get P1,000 loyalty discount if you will take any of these 4 DOLE Prescribed Training with us –  BOSH, COSH, LCM, SPA; Training of Trainers.

Referral Program

  • After you graduate from any of the above trainings, you can start referring your friends and colleagues. We give referrer fee per head.
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iBonrop Marketing is managed by its owner, Ronald Pornobi. iBonrop Marketing is a business entity registered with the DTI and BIR, and is in operation from February 2008 to the present.

iBonrop Marketing has been a partner of DOLE in promoting and propagating safety and health in the Philippines by organizing safety training events and seminars. Ibonrop Marketing is the marketing arm and affiliate of DOLE Accredited Safety Training Organization. 

Mr. Ronald Pornobi, is a DOLE Accredited Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner (OSHP) with DOLE Accreditation No. 1033-181210-C-524 from year 2006. He was an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) for 11 years in the Middle East. He holds PRC licenses as: professional teacher, real estate broker, real estate appraiser, registered master plumber, and engineer. He is currently taking up subjects for his Bachelor of Laws (L.Lb). 

DOLE Prescribed Safety Trainings Offered
40 hours Training

  • BOSH. Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training
  • COSH. Construction Occupational Safety and Health Training
  • LCM. Loss Control Management Training
  • SPA. Safety Program Audit Training
  • ToT. Training of Trainers (24 hours)

Special Safety Training
8 hours Training
  • Advance Scaffold Training
  • Basic Scaffold Training
  • Confined Space Safety
  • Demolition Safety
  • Excavation Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Hotworks Safety
  • Job Hazard Analysis Preparation
  • PPE. Personal Protective Equipment
  • Risk Management: Assessment and Control
  • Training for Safety Officers in the Construction Site: Routines and Tasks
  • Scaffold Safety Training and Working at Heights

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