LCM Training SO3 Technical Training Loss Control Management DOLE Accredited and Compliance Caloocan City
LCM Training SO3 Technical Training Loss Control Management DOLE Accredited and Compliance Caloocan City
Training Details

Loss Control Management Training
DOLE Prescribed Safety Training 

LCM is considered and accepted by DOLE to comply with the 48 hours technical training required for Safety Officer 3 or SO3. With the 40 hours LCM, add a 3 days ToT or Training of Trainers to exceed the required hours for SO3.

One of the mandatory 40-hour training courses required for safety officers, safety practitioners and safety consultants in all industries.

Loss control is a risk management technique that seeks to reduce the possibility that a loss will occur and reduce the severity of those that do occur. A loss control program should help policyholders reduce claims, and insurance companies reduce losses through safety and risk management information and services.

Loss control management is a significant element of cost control within workplaces. A fully implemented loss-control program should identify all potential risks within a workplace, implement effective controls, and assess the financial impacts of existing risks and safety measures within the workplace.

Target Clients: BOSH Training Graduates, COSH Training Graduates, Safety Officers, Safety Practitioners, Safety Consultants, Safety Managers, Safety Directors, Safety Engineers, Health and Safety Committee Members, Risk Managers

Target Industry: Open for all industries


Topics Covered

  • Defensive Driving
  • Economics in Lcm
  • Evaluating Individual Performance
  • Fire Loss Control
  • Fleet Safety
  • Frequency Rate
  • Group and Personal Communications
  • Incident Investigation
  • Lcm History
  • Lcm Philosophy
  • Management Control
  • Osh Management System
  • Planned Inspection
  • Planned Job Observation
  • Property Damage and Waste Control
  • Re-entry Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Safety Performance Measurement
  • Security Loss Control.
  • Severity Rate
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • and more
Develop your skills in this module called Measurement Tools for Management. This is the core or meat of Lcm training. This will teach you how to calculate Fr or Frequency Rate and Sr or Severity Rate so that you can comply fully with your reportorial requirement called Aedr or Annual Exposure Data Report. Only Lcm graduates know how to do this task. Not all trainers know this.

Our Resource Persons or Trainers 

  • are Accredited by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) either as an Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner (OSHP) or Occupational Safety and Health Consultant (OSHC).
  • are all subject matter experts and professionals.
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Loyalty Reward

  • Get P1,000 loyalty discount if you will take your 2nd and succeeding safety trainings with us – SPA; Training of Trainers.

Referral Program

  • After you graduate from your first training, you can start referring your friends and colleagues. We give referrer fee per head.
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iBonrop Marketing is managed by its owner, Ronald Pornobi. iBonrop Marketing is a business entity registered with the DTI and BIR, and is in operation from February 2008 to the present.

iBonrop Marketing has been a partner of DOLE in promoting and propagating safety and health in the Philippines by organizing safety training events and seminars. Ibonrop Marketing is the marketing arm and affiliate of DOLE Accredited Safety Training Organization. 

Mr. Ronald Pornobi, is a DOLE Accredited Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner (OSHP) with DOLE Accreditation No. 1033-181210-C-524 from year 2006. He was an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) for 11 years in the Middle East. He holds PRC licenses as: professional teacher, real estate broker, real estate appraiser, registered master plumber, and engineer. He is currently taking up subjects for his Bachelor of Laws (L.Lb). 

DOLE Prescribed Safety Trainings Offered
40 hours Training

  • BOSH. Basic Occupational Safety and Health Training
  • COSH. Construction Occupational Safety and Health Training
  • LCM. Loss Control Management Training. SO3 Training
  • SPA. Safety Program Audit Training. SO3 Training
  • ToT. Training of Trainers (24 hours). SO3 Training
  • So1. Safety Officer 1 Training (10 hours)
Special Safety Training
8 hours Training
  • Fire Watcher Training with Hotwork Safety
  • Risk Management: Assessment and Control
  • Basic Scaffold Training
  • Advance Scaffold Training
  • Confined Space Safety
  • Demolition Safety
  • Excavation Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Hotworks Safety
  • Job Hazard Analysis Preparation
  • PPE. Personal Protective Equipment
  • Training for Safety Officers in the Construction Site: Routines and Tasks
  • Scaffold Safety Training and Working at Heights

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Same building of BPI Cubao-Aurora branch and Landbank Cubao branch.
We are in Cubao Quezon City, NOT in Project 3 Quezon City

San Fernando, Pampanga Ofice
Unit 101, Ground Floor, A and P Building, Lazatin Boulevard, Dolores, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. PLDT Telephone Fax:  045 - 981 5682

Few minutes walk, 100 meters walk from Old Philhealth Building Lazatin Boulevard

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