Alla Prima- Painting Flowers's Enrollment Cover
Alla Prima- Painting Flowers
Alla Prima- Painting Flowers
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"Alla Prima-Painting Flowers " an oil painting workshop
(for the serious beginners and the advance students)
at Galvez Atelier, #8 11th Jamboree, Quezon City

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Floral Painting in Alla Prima- A Direct-Painting Method of painting flowers, simplifying processes, identifying color temperatures, contrasts and color values. (also recommended for acrylic painters)
Alla Prima is a wet-on-wet technique in oil done in one sitting.

(Advance drawing skills not needed. Since this is a workshop focused solely on alla prima oil painting technique, sketches are already provided on your canvas.)


Abby Manuel
Instructor for Classical Drawing Basic, Classical Drawing Intermediate, Alla Prima and Traditional Oil Painting

Maria Audrey Sabrina “Abby” Q. Manuel is a graduate of De La Salle College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, with a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts (2015). She has been working as a multi-media designer for various projects. She decided to learn the foundations of classical art by studying under Alfred Galvez. Today, she counts among the youngest teaching-artists of Galvez Atelier.
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Galvez Atelier is a home for artists and art students who want to immerse in the fine and decorative arts. It is a creative learning hub where students can watch artist-teachers at work. The atelier offers a space for contemplation and creation for artists, so that their ideas make flourish and take material form. The entire structure is a residence repurposed into an atelier, with spaces allotted for an office, art production, and year-round art classes. The year-round art classes include drawing, painting, and faux finishes and decorative painting. Galvez Atelier also offers an apprenticeship program.

About the Founder:
Alfred Galvez studied Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines. His practice ranges from portraits, murals, faux finishes transform the abode into a resplendent space. He established AGmurals in 2003-2014. Galvez was exposed to Filipino masters at an early age. At 17, he was an apprentice of Dean Mariano Madarang from the Philippine Women’s University. He was then trained in the restoration and conservation of the paintings of Fernando Amorsolo, Carlos Francisco, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo and Juan Luna. Keen to develop his expertise, Alfred studied under Marco Cavallini and Alison Grace Woolley in 2007. The Bottega Arte in Florence, Italy was esteemed for trompe l’oeil techniques. Aside from the traditional Florentine approach to murals, the studio was also known for architectural illusionistic techniques seen in ceiling paintings that seem to transform the earthly realm with dramatic lighting effects.

In 2013, along with two fellow artists, he opened the very first Classical Drawing and Traditional Oil Painting workshops studio in Kamuning, Quezon City. Since then, his art workshops have continued to teach foundations of art to students across ages, delighting students both young and old. His art workshops are most sought after by those who are preparing for an art career and those who choose to begin by learning the secrets of the Old Masters.
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