Project Management Professional (PMP) Bridge Program's Enrollment Cover
Project Management Professional (PMP) Bridge Program
Project Management Professional (PMP) Bridge Program
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Be a world-class project manager. The Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification is the gold standard of project management worldwide. This two (2) day course is designed as a preparatory course for project managers who have had previous project management trainings and are preparing for their PMP certification exam. This program is based on the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) 6th Edition, PMI Agile Practice Guide, and the PMP Exam Content Outline (July 2020), this is the must-attend course for anyone who wants to take the PMP certification exam. This course provides 19 contact hours that can be used to complement typical two-day project management essentials courses available in the market.

At the end of this course participants should be able to
  • Describe the key concepts, trends, tailoring considerations, and agile considerations of the project management knowledge areas
  • Describe the major process flows that can be derived from the PMBOK Guide
  • Explain the various people-related tasks that a project manager needs to perform
  • Explain the various process-related tasks that a project manager needs to perform
  • Explain the various business environment-related tasks that a project manager needs to perform
  • The Project Management Professional Certification (PMP)®
o   What is the PMP credential?
o   Benefits of being PMP certified
o   Eligibility
o   Application Process
o   Certification Renewal
o   The PMP Exam
o   PMP Exam Content Outline (July 2020)
  • The PMBOK Guide
o   What is the PMBOK Guide?
o   Structure
o   Project Management Process
o   Project Management Process Groups
o   Project Management Knowledge Areas
o   PMBOK Guide Key Components
  • The PMI Agile Practice Guide
o   What is the Agile Practice Guide?
o   Structure
  • Key Concepts, Trends, Tailoring, and Agile Considerations
o   Project Integration Management
o   Project Scope Management
o   Project Schedule Management
o   Project Cost Management
o   Project Quality Management
o   Project Resource Management
o   Project Communications Management
o   Project Risk Management
o   Project Procurement Management
o   Project Stakeholder Management
o   ONLINE Quiz
  • Major Process Flows
o   Planning Flow
o   Deliverable Flow
o   Information Flow
o   Resource Flow
o   Change Flow
o   ONLINE Quiz
  • People
o   Lead a team
o   Collaborate with stakeholders
o   Build a team
o   Define team ground rules
o   Empower team members and stakeholders
o   Ensure adequate team/stakeholder training
o   Engage and support virtual teams
o   Address and remove impediments, obstacles, blockers for the team
o   Negotiate project agreements
o   Manage conflict
o   Build shared understanding
o   Supporting team performance
o   Promote team performance through the application of emotional intelligence
o   Mentor relevant stakeholders
o   ONLINE Quiz
  • Process
o   Determine appropriate project methodology/methods and practices
o   Establish project governance structure
o   Engage stakeholders
o   Plan and manage scope
o   Plan and manage schedule
o   Plan and manage budget and resources
o   Plan and manage quality of products and deliverables
o   Plan and manage procurement
o   Assess and manage risks
o   Integrate project planning activities
o   Execute project with the urgency to deliver business value
o   Manage communications
o   Manage project changes
o   Manage project artifacts
o   Manage project issues
o   Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity
o   Plan and manage project/phase closure or transitions
o   ONLINE Quiz
  • Business Environment
o   Plan and manage project compliance
o   Evaluate and deliver project benefits and value
o   Evaluate and address external business environment changes for impact on scope
o   Support organizational change
o   ONLINE Quiz
  • Tips and exam preparations
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