WEBINAR Adobe Photoshop for Beginners's Enrollment Cover
WEBINAR Adobe Photoshop for Beginners
WEBINAR Adobe Photoshop for Beginners
Training Details
This is a two half-day virtual class via Zoom.  Oct 10 and 11, 1:30PM-5PM.

This virtual class module will provide participants with the basic skills to effectively use Adobe Photoshop.  It is for beginners without prior knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.  Participants who wants to kick start their photo editing skills.
Part 1.  Introduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Capabilities of the Program
  • Overview of Functionalities
  • Understanding Pixels

Part 2.  The Adobe Photoshop Interface
  • Identifying Panels
  • Accessing Files
  • Showing Toolbars
  • Layering
  • Changing Image Formats
  • Changing the Zoom Level
  • Saving Options

Part 3.  Working with Texts and Shapes
  • Modifying Font Types
  • Creating Shapes
  • Combining Shapes
  • Reshaping

Part 4.  Essential Tools
  • Blending Options
  • Applying Effects
  • Editing Layers
  • Grouping Layers

Part 5.  Working with Images
  • Working with Curves
  • Changing Color
  • Changing Opacity
  • Working with Brushes

Part 6.  Photoshop Workshop Exercises
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