Mastering Multitasking
Mastering Multitasking
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Mastering Multitasking - Virtual Training
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For many of us, our “new normal” job means that we’ve inherited work from others, and are multitasking 24/7. Many times, we’re expected to produce positive results with fewer resources. It’s not surprising that maintaining focus and staying engaged can be a major hurdle. With so many simultaneous demands on your time, sustaining focused energy is no longer an option. It’s a “must have” skill for doing your job, and doing it well.

In this seminar you will get your work world into clear focus and in sync with those around you. You will learn tools that help you get into productive flow whenever you need to and how to get back on track when you are thrown off course. You will leave with tools that help you make the best of your innate strengths, mitigate your challenges, and stay focused. You will also learn how to stay in focus and on a productive course when others around you are throwing distractions and barriers in your way.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define What Focus Really Means
  • Identify Where You Are Out of Focus
  • Build a Complete Picture of Your Work
  • Identify Four Factors That Destroy Your Focus
  • Develop a Clear Set of Expectations and a Process to Help You Synchronize with Your Boss
Session 1:
  • Achieve Focus at the Project Level
  • Your Internal Focus - Increasing Your Ability to Engage and Energize
Session 2:
  • Building Tools to Help You Get in the Flow and Stay There
  • Working with the Unfocused
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