Free Webinar: Why Japan is a Study Abroad Destination? by Jellyfish Education Philippines - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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Free Webinar: Why Japan is a Study Abroad Destination?

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Studying abroad can give you a lot of new opportunities.

It will allow you to experience many things such as new places, and cultures and even let you acquire a new language. 

But, do you want to know WHY JAPAN is ONE of the BEST STUDY ABROAD destinations?

Let us give you the reasons through our FREE WEBINAR!

You are INVITED this October 15, from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm via Zoom.

PLUS, we will tackle additional topics such as;

-The overall process of Studying in Japan; and

-How to Study Nihongo Online with JEP

Exciting giveaways and activities are waiting for you at the event!

PS. We are giving away a PHP 1,0000 Online Nihongo Voucher for the first 20 early bird attendees! 



Oct 15, 2022
Sat 10:30 AM — 12:30 PM
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Jellyfish Incorporation was founded in Japan in 2007, which offers opportunities to people through education, overseas study and recruitment businesses, with eight sites in four countries including Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia, based on the management policy “Expand your Horizon”.

The Phiilippine arm Jellyfish Education Philippines Incorporated (JEP Inc.) registered under the Security and Exchange Commission provides and promotes educational services to those who want to Study, Live and Experience Japan and Nihongo class in the Philipines for individial and corporate accounts. 

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