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This video course is created for ordinary people who are interested to invest but do not know where to start.

The discussion was designed to be simple, easy-to-understand, and relatable at the same time. It aims to give a basic idea to individuals who are overwhelmed and intimidated to invest while motivating them to start taking care of their finances/money.
Here, we will also discuss the best time to invest especially in these challenging times and the skills needed to be able to start investing.


About TMC (The Millennial Coach)

Mr. Angelo Culala or "Coach A" is a certified life coach and relationship counselor, motivational speaker, and a first responder for suicide specializing in non-pharmacological Cognitive Behavioral Technique (CBT) and Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice .


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1) Introduction
Question: “Saan aabot ang Php1,000 mo?”
Definition of Investments
2) Basics & Concepts of Investments
Active and Passive Income
Bull and Bear Market
Risk Appetite/Capacity/Tolerance
Time Horizon
Simple and Compounded Interests
3) Types
Securities (e.g. Stocks, Bonds, etc.)
Market Segments (e.g. Mutual Funds)
Funds (e.g. SSS, VUL Insurance, etc.)
Digital Bank and Wallet (e.g. GCash, Coins, etc.)
Cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, SLP, etc.)
4) Strategies
5) FAQs and Q&A
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