The 2nd Facilities Mgt Summit Empowering Facilities for Tomorrow's Success: Innovate, Transform, Thrive 29-30 April 2024 @ Winwood Hotel Manila by IAM Training Services - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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The 2nd Facilities Mgt Summit Empowering Facilities for Tomorrow's Success: Innovate, Transform, Thrive 29-30 April 2024 @ Winwood Hotel Manila

Conference by  IAM Training Services
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The 2nd Facilities Mgt Summit
Empowering Facilities for Tomorrow's Success: Innovate, Transform, Thrive!
29-30 April 2024 @ Winwood Hotel Manila

Why This is Worth Your While
Welcome to the annual Facilities Management Conference, a premier gathering of industry experts, professionals, and stakeholders dedicated to shaping the future of facility operations. Our conference offers a comprehensive exploration of key topics essential for navigating the dynamic landscape of facilities management. Dive into discussions about the latest trends and challenges facing the industry, focusing on adapting strategies to meet evolving work environments and industry demands. Explore critical aspects of resilience, emphasizing emergency preparedness and business continuity as core pillars of effective facility management. Discover innovative sustainability practices, strategies for enhancing energy efficiency and environmental conservation in facility operations, and best practices for safety and security to safeguard facilities and personnel. Delve into optimizing space utilization and workplace design to promote productivity and improve employee well-being. Explore the intricate balance of facilities maintenance and asset management, providing insights into innovative approaches for cost efficiency and optimal asset performance. Learn about digital transformation, integrating smart solutions for enhanced facility operations, and the importance of optimizing contracts and partnerships to drive success in facilities management. Join us for enlightening discussions, expert insights, and networking opportunities that promise to shape the future of facilities management in the Philippines and beyond.
You Will Gain Substantial Learning from All These Learning Sessions
Plenary Session 1: Trends and Challenges in Facilities Management: Adapting to Changing Work Environments and Industry Demands
Plenary Session 2: Resilience in Facilities Management: Emergency Preparedness & Business Continuity
Plenary Session 3: Sustainability Practices in Facility Operations: Strategies for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Conservation
Plenary Session 4: Safety and Security in Facilities Management: Best Practices and Risk Mitigation Strategies
Plenary Session 5: Optimizing Space Utilization and Workplace Design for Productivity and Employee Well-being
Plenary Session 6: Facilities Maintenance and Asset Management: Innovative Approaches for Cost Efficiency and Asset Performance
Plenary Session 7: Digital Transformation in Facilities Management: Integrating Smart Solutions for Enhanced Operations
Plenary Session 8: Vendor Management Excellence: Optimizing Contracts and Partnerships in Facilities Management
Who Will Find Value in this Learning Opportunity
Facilities Managers, Operations Managers, Property Managers, Building Owners, Facility Engineers, Maintenance Supervisors, Safety and Security Managers, Contract Managers, Asset Managers, Sustainability Officers
Conference Rates
The early bird rates for the conference is at 5,000 + VAT (one day) or 9,500 + VAT (two days).
Inclusions are hotel food (AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack), training materials, all speaker presentations in soft copy, and training certificate.
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