4th National Conference on Multiple Perspectives in Inclusion, Transition and Disability by R.E.A.C.H Inc - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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4th National Conference on Multiple Perspectives in Inclusion, Transition and Disability

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To pursue efforts to prepare Program administrators, General Education/SPED Teachers and other related professionals to support the educational needs of a diverse collection of learners, both directly and indirectly in an inclusion and transition  programs;

Discuss how young adults with exceptional needs prepare their personal action plan with the support of professionals, parents and industry;

Tackle  the necessary development strategies and plans for inclusion and transition plans and many more;

Trends and issues in the Philippines and other neighboring countries on the issue of inclusion and transition. 


School administrators, regular and SPED teachers, curriculum developers, guidance counselors, social and health workers, students taking up courses related to SPED, Psychologists, Occupational, Speech-Language, Physical Therapists, ABA specialist, parents, college administrators, college professors/ instructors, College/MA/Ph.D. Students and professionals from related disciplines.


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A veteran educator, Dr. Lolita Dionisio-Serrano has been a SPED specialist and Consultant for over a couple or decades.  She has developed programs and worked at the early intervention, elementary, and high school levels in the Philippines for exceptional children, and worked as Case Manager for the K-11 & 12  Transition Program at Massaponax High School, Virginia, USA.  She holds a doctoral degree in Special Education and School Management, and had a continuing education in Applied Behavior Analysis – credentials that prepared her to see each student develops his/her greatest potentials.  Dr. Serrano has taught hundreds of students and professionals the secrets to creating highly effective classrooms and adminsitration of multifactored assessment and formulation of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).


Feb 10, 2017 - Feb 11, 2017
Fri, Sat 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
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