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This program shows how coaching can be a modality for parents raising children 5 years and older who are concerned, may have questions about parenting, or how to open channels of communication within their family circles.

Come and attend the Parent Coaching program - 
and learn the better way to answer 
"What would it really take to be the parent I want to be?"
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SAIDI School of Organization Development aims to provide leaders, organizers, corporate managers and executives with integrative frameworks and tools essential to face the various issues and concerns challenging organizations today.

A Specific Graduate Degree but Flexible Program of Study

At SAIDI School of OD, one will earn a degree in any of the following:

Master of Arts in Organization Development (OD) 
Master of Arts in Instruction Development & Technology (ID&T)
Doctor of Philosophy in Organization Development (OD) 
and for exceptional cases a combined degree of MA - PhD in Organization Development  

In working for a degree, one has the flexibility to develop a Program of Study and Research that draws from the multidisciplinary fields and practice to meet the Candidate's interests within the guidelines of the degree requirements.

Any Candidate accepted in the straight  MA-PhD program is required  only a dissertation to satisfy the research requirement of the program.

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