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2nd Emerging Leaders Summit Grown Up Digital - Leadership for the Net Generation

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Ended last Sep 26, 2018
PHP  6,700.00


By 2020, millennials would have taken over half of the world's workforce.
Do you think they will be ready by then, Greetings!?
Or, would older generations be ready to enable and support them?
With a large shift in the workforce currently happening, the potential of a generational gap grows more evident with each passing year. A wide enough gap can cause a disconnect among employees and could eventually drive away potential talent. So how do you effectively create a unified team, one that communicates understanding from the youngest of millennials to the most seasoned of CEOs?
No matter the generation we were born into, we must know how to preempt and prevent a disconnect in any form. Join Carlo Mata, Niña Terol, Gino Borromeo, Mondo Castro, Pauline Fermin and yours truly, Boris Joaquin, as we help you bridge the gap between your staff, teams, and bosses at the Emerging Leadership Summithappening on September 26.
For reservations, call Juliet at 813-2703/32, text 0922-8980044, or email [email protected]
It's time to bridge the gap! 
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