2nd Emerging Leaders Summit Grown Up Digital - Leadership for the Net Generation by Salt & Light Ventures - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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2nd Emerging Leaders Summit Grown Up Digital - Leadership for the Net Generation

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The 2nd Emerging Leaders Summit, on the theme "Grown Up Digital: Leadership for the Net Generation", will tackle this and more as we prepare leaders face the challenges they meet in managing multi generational teams in a diverse workplace.

Boost millennial leadership with actionable insights to reshape your organization: 
  • Inspire and lead through purpose-driven leadership. Jumpstart millennial leadership and organizational change with their distinctive purpose-driven nature.
  • Lead and manage multi-generations at work. Learn how to manage and build genuine connections with Gen X-Y-Z with proven coaching and mentoring techniques.
  • Manage and maneuver through business changes successfully through an agile leadership mindset to help organizations build adaptive strategies.
  • Shift from strategy to effective execution. Upskill millennial leaders and managers with a leadership capability model that is aligned with the organization's strategic goals.
  • Be the foremost authority in digital-era leadership. Foster a digital ecosystem for young leaders to thrive and lead the future of your organization.
  • Shape corporate leadership culture by maximizing critical leadership experience as you listen to firsthand experiences of brilliant young achievers.


Aug 23, 2018
Wed 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
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