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The First Global Recruitment and Talent Selection Conference

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In-Person / Conference
Ended last Jun 26, 2018
PHP  9,520.00 (VAT inclusive)



June 25-26, 2018


The First Global Recruitment and Talent Selection Conference is a maverick learning event on talent acquisition and selection, focusing on fresh insights on recruitment strategies, emerging recruitment tools and techniques, revisiting testing and assessment practices, and evaluating and controlling recruitment effectiveness. We have meticulously designed the learning sessions to add value to your role as recruiters. Allow us to ask you some impactful questions you may have asked yourself at some point: How can I contribute to curbing high turnover for highly marketable / poachable talent? From among the emerging recruitment tools and techniques, which ones are most suitable for my organization’s needs? How do I determine if the competencies I am assessing from a candidate are predictive of future, effective performance? How do I design a powerful, relevant test battery? How do I sell the organization’s brand and yet be able to give the candidate an honest, realistic preview of the job and the company? How may I put exit interview data to good use and add further value to the recruitment role?

These and more are just some of the topics that will be tackled at the conference – the approach is strongly empirical – with emphasis on tools, techniques, and how-to’s. Ultimately, the success of the conference is gauged by the extent to which these take-always are applied. Our premium entertainment is a plus – featuring an internationally awarded dance group, live serenade from a quartet, welcome flowers, massage chairs, photobooth, and professional singers – to ensure that you are treated like royalty while learning! Apart from the solid content and tasteful entertainment, The First Global Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Conference is the perfect opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues, in a meaningful exchange of recruitment ideas, insights and best practices.

Do not miss this rare learning opportunity. AVAIL OF THE EARLY BIRD RATE!
For reservations/ inquiries you may reach us through: 
Globe/ Viber : 0995.280.8645 
Smart: 0919.411.2847. 
FB Page: iamtrainingevents

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