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Ended last Jun 20, 2018
PHP  9,520.00 (VAT inclusive)


The past decade witnessed a stark increase in regulations in labor and wage issues, causing marked changes in HR’s role. Apart from its administrative functions, it has taken on an especially relevant advisory role. Business owners and senior manage are heavily reliant on HR leaders to ensure that the company is compliant with the dynamic regulatory environment in the Philippines. With both current and past governments, we see substantial changes in labor and compensation and benefits laws; indicating the critical importance and need for HR to address regulatory issues.

The First HR Compliance Conference aims to mitigate organizational risk at the strategic, financial, operational and regulatory levels, assuring the sustained success of an organization. There are three thematic areas covered by the summit: 1) HR regulatory leadership; 2) latest labor relations law updates; and 3) recent wage and benefits jurisprudence and issuances. It is imperative for HR practitioners to evolve as quickly as the regulatory environments governing their organization’s operations. Given the other responsibilities of the HR leader, compliance may be easily overlooked – leading to a reactionary and fire-fighting stance. However, this may be risky and costly in the long-term, leading to expensive litigation and claims.

The First HR Compliance Conference aims to add value to the proactive role of HR in aligning its policies and procedures with labor and wage law, towards long-term organizational effectiveness.

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