BUILT TO LEAD: THE FIRST SUCCESSORS' AND HIGH POTENTIALS' SUMMIT An Intensive Two-day Bootcamp for Your Leadership Pipeline by IAM Training Services - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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BUILT TO LEAD: THE FIRST SUCCESSORS' AND HIGH POTENTIALS' SUMMIT An Intensive Two-day Bootcamp for Your Leadership Pipeline

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In-Person / Conference
Ended last Jul 27, 2018
PHP  8,960.00 (VAT inclusive)


Target Audience: Members / nominees of the organization’s succession pool; high potential managers and supervisors; newly promoted managers and supervisors; rank and file employees with exceptional performance; business owners; line management leaders; anyone who needs input on leadership development

Built to Lead: The First Successors’ and High Potentials’ Summit assumes that participating organizations have identified individuals who possess the potential to fill critical leadership positions, and strongly intend to develop them. We are one with the goal of equipping these exceptional leaders with key skills which will help assure that the organization thrives in the future. The presence of a solid successor and high potential pipeline is a long-term, proactive strategic initiative that is essential to every organization. A sound succession plan ensures continued effective performance and to fill in leadership gaps long before the need actually exists. While it is not possible to tackle all leadership needs within the limited time of the conference, the sessions have been meticulously selected and designed to make them as substantial and relevant as possible.

Here are Ten Good Reasons for Attending Built to Lead: 

1)     Learn the legal and administrative facets of employee discipline, to maintain team morale amidst corrective feedback and action; and to avoid tedious and expensive litigation;

2)     Gain knowledge and techniques in conflict management and motivating people towards peak team productivity;

3)     Use coaching and counseling as talent management tools to address performance and developmental needs of one’s subordinates;

4)     Plan and conduct meetings effectively, and facilitate communication, problem-solving, and decision-making processes during such meetings; 

5)     Organize and compose different types of business messages following the standards of effective writing in business letters, memos, and electronic mail messages; 

6)     Learn how to create high impact business presentations;

7)     Practice the seven powers of success for intrapersonal, interpersonal and organizational effectiveness;

8)     Apply time management and stress management techniques of high achievers;

9)      Learn the language of business by understanding and interpreting financial statements and accounting jargon; and

10)  Acquire the key concepts of high performance project management and systematic problem solving and decision making.

PLUS: Interact with 300-400 delegates --  meet like-minded colleagues and experts in financials, leadership, and strategy (remember to bring your business cards!)


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