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The First Legal Risk and Corporate Governance Summit

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In-Person / Conference
Ended last Oct 30, 2018
PHP  10,640.00 (VAT inclusive)


The First Legal Risk & Corporate Governance Summit

Building Organizational Stewardship and Compliance as Competitive Advantage

October 29-30, 2018    

The SMX Aura Convention Center, BGC, Taguig


A-Must-attend Event for C-Level Executives, Legal Managers, and Risk Management Practitioners, with subject matter experts from Top Law Firms in the country



Legal risk is an implicit prerequisite for gaining competitive advantage and achieving market leadership. Prudent legal risk management is an inevitable ingredient of delivering strategic outcomes, aligned with equally important risk facets of the business. The probability of loss and the accompanying overall benefit, both come with taking legal risk. The risk-taking philosophy of the company is also a keen reflection of its trust and confidence in its people. The accountability of the Risk or Legal Manager is not confined to focusing on legal threats, but also in weighing the accompanying opportunities that may be borne out of a legal risk. Moreover, Risk and Legal Managers need to effectively identify, document, communicate, and manage risk so that these do not evolve into roadblocks to the organization’s strategic goals. 


The First Legal Risk and Corporate Governance Conference presents intensive learning for Legal and Risk Executives and Managers, helping address the most impactful legal risks as efficiently and as pragmatically as possible. Being equipped with knowledge on the sources of legal risk may help obviate dispute resolution and problem solving; allowing new-age, proactive Risk and Legal practitioners to move from these outdated practices onto dispute prevention and legal risk management. 


The conference is a gathering of the top law firms in the country, covering all compliance areas which may have an effect on Risk and Legal Departments, and to the organization overall. In summary, the conference shall tackle the following critical compliance and governance areas: TRAIN Law Amendments, Tax Remedies, Customs Modernization and Tariff Law, Commercial Contracts, Bidding and Management of Government Contracts, Intellectual Property Law, Corporate Governance in Cyber Security, Latest Jurisprudence in Labor and Wage Law, Competition Law, Litigation and Dispute Resolution in Commercial Law Practice, Investment Law, and Qualifying for Government Incentives and Economic Zone Accreditations. 



C Level Executives (CEOs, Directors, Vice-presidents, General Managers, Country Managers, and Company Presidents), Legal and Corporate Counsels, Risk Managers, Governance Executives / Officers, Compliance Practitioners, Internal Audit Executives and Managers



Day 1

Managing Tax Risk: TRAIN Law Amendments

Best Practices in Managing Tax Remedies 

Must-knows of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Law

Best Practices in Drafting Commercial Contracts

Bidding and Management of Government Contracts

Essentials of Intellectual Property Law


Day 2

Exercising Corporate Governance in Cyber Security 

Latest Jurisprudence in Labor and Wage Law

Important Updates on Competition Law

Litigation and Dispute Resolution in Commercial Law Practice

Expert Advice on Investment Law 

Qualifying for Government Incentives and Economic Zone Accreditations



PhP 9500+ VAT for a two-day pass. This is inclusive of meals for two days by renowned caterer Josiah's, complete training materials saved on CD, training facilitation, and premium entertainment. 

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