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Japan is indeed a well-known country for its rich culture and unique customs and traditions, so for this year, we proudly give to all our supporters the 5th Japan Education Fair which will be held on September 28 in Cebu and on September 29 in Manila, wherein ADMISSION IS FOR FREE!

Different Japanese universities and language schools will be invited during the event to showcase their programs and services in which they can offer to foreign students like Filipinos who wish to study and build a career in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Aside from this, attendees will also expect a series of talk like Study in Japan Survival Tips, Scholarship Opportunities and Demands in Japan for Filipinos. They will also have a chance to learn the basics of Nihongo during a tutorial which will be conducted by one of our Japanese instructors plus fun activities to make the attendees’ experience more fun!

For REGISTRATION, interested attendees should do the following:

CLICK “GOING” AND REGISTER through the following links to get your event ticket.



We are all excited to meet you, see you there!

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