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The 4th Internal Auditors' Summit: Mitigating Post Pandemic Risk

Online Conference by  IAM Training Services
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Ended last May 28, 2021
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The 4th Internal Auditors' Summit: Mitigating Post Pandemic Risk
May 27-28, 2021 via ZOOM

The Philippines is seeing indistinct signs of hope in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic; however, the risk of resurgence is real. Chief Audit and Risk Officers and Managers, along with their Boards, need to address the right questions on enterprise risk management, and effectively steer their organization to the next normal. The hard-earned lessons from the crisis compel management teams to introspect and adopt new ways of thinking, redefine resilience, and develop organizational agility.

The 4th Internal Auditors' Summit is a means of helping organizations realize the critical importance of risk management, as they move with optimistic visions of the future whilst balancing the realities of now. The role of Audit and Risk Managers becomes increasingly difficult as only a minute portion of the pandemic is known, and a substantial part of its growth and repercussions remains unknown. Audit and Risk Managers may play a crucial role of building organizational capability and resilience, amidst this atmosphere of volatility and uncertainty.

Why has there been a lack of focus in the robustness of supply chains and undermining the risks of single sourcing? How should enterprise risk be redefined in a post pandemic world? How can the risks of remote working be mitigated? How can vendor and third party risk management be a core portion of the organization’s Covid-19 response? How can the audit and risk function be fortified after experiencing the unimaginable? These are but a few questions which experts will tackle at The 4th Internal Auditors' Summit. Tomorrow will have its crests and troughs, and will certainly require resilience from organizations. The threat of resurgence and unanticipated events may sidetrack companies from their recovery plan; this may now be the ideal time to weigh between efficiency and long-term corporate resiliency.

Featured Plenary Sessions
Plenary Session 1: Redefining Enterprise Risk in a Post Pandemic World / Plenary Session 2: Mitigating the Risk of Remote Working: Quickly Scaling Security for the New Working Infrastructure / Plenary Session 3: Managing the Risk in Identity and Access Control: Covid 19 Must-knows for Managing Security and Privacy / Plenary Session 4: Facing BCM Head On Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic: Ensuring Business Resilience / Plenary Session 5: Dealing with the Risk of Restarting the Supply Chain: Important Considerations / Plenary Session 6: Coronavirus: Emerging Themes on the Efficiency and Resiliency Trade-off for Executive Teams / Plenary Session 7: Integrating Vendor and Third Party Risk Management as a Core Portion of the Organization’s Covid-19 Response: Risk Management Insights / Plenary Session 8: Fortifying Resilience Post Covid 19: The Critical Role of the Audit and Risk Function / Plenary Session 9: Going Digital in Collections: Building Resilience Against Credit Risk / Plenary Session 10: Managing Regulatory Risk: A Recap of Regulatory Compliance Requirements Post-Covid 19


May 27, 2021 - May 28, 2021
08:00 AM — 05:00 PM
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