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[Quintegral Philippines, Inc.] Personal Transition – How to Embrace Change

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The world is changing. The pace of change is accelerating. Individuals and organizations must adapt. People do not resist change. They resist the transitions that change brings about.

Dr. Lim will share some perspectives to equip change leaders and change agents to better address the transition process in times of organizational change, and the strategies to lead people through the phases of transition –- the processes that occur at the individual level–- based on the works of William Bridges.


About Quintegral Philippines, Inc. :

Quintegral represents the American Management Association (AMA) in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Quintegral Asia aspires to be the no. 1 leadership and management consulting firm in Asia by providing quality human resource development services to become the strategic partner for learning and development of the top 500 companies and government agencies in the continent.

In partnership with AMA, our mission is to provide managers and their organizations with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to improve business performance, adapt to a changing workplace and prosper in a complex and competitive business world.

For more courses from Quintegral Philippines, Inc., visit: https://ph.speedycourse.com/providers/70860/quintegral-philippines-inc/profile


  • Change and transition – what’s the difference?
  • The 3-phase transition process
  • Different strategies for the different phases
  • Applications to the workplace
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