PRC ACCREDITED: Re-creating the Professional in the Midst of Disruptive Industries and Crafting a Business System through Innovation. by ACCQ CONSULTANCY - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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PRC ACCREDITED: Re-creating the Professional in the Midst of Disruptive Industries and Crafting a Business System through Innovation.

Online Webinar by  ACCQ CONSULTANCY
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Online / Webinar
Apr 06, 2024
PHP  300.00


The course which is included in the program, “From Employee to Entrepreneur,” sets the tone on the importance of strategic thinking in today’s business environment. The first module of this webinar introduces to the participant the concept of disruptive industries. It describes the intricacies and how it affects other industries which are not direct competitor but changes the course of doing business which affects service providers.


It also deals with the importance of apprenticeship. Learning and mastering the skills and how the professional can benefit from the experiences gained in a particular industry. This is also a prelude to the second module which advances to crafting a business model, diversification and creating new services or products. Business environment keeps evolving and improving system with the use of digital technology. This also delves in the use of technology where having an entrepreneur and innovative mindset nowadays are vital in order to survive and thrive not just as a professional but as a well-rounded business person.


The Objectives in this course can be subdivided into the following:

1. Be able to evaluate current business trends and the direction it is going

2. Be able to use critical thinking and gain a keen understanding of the evolving digital environment in business

3. Learn to see the bigger picture in many business environment and apply it in formulating effective strategies which is to be done on subsequent module 


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Apr 06, 2024
Sat 08:00 AM — 12:00 PM
Online Live
Platform: Zoom
No. of Days: 1
Total Hours: 4
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ACCQ Business Management Consultancy or more commonly known as ACCQ Consultancy was started in December 2014. Its purpose is to provide quality trainings & seminars as well as management consultancy in the field of business management and accounting.

ACCQ Consultancy is an accredited CPD or Continuing Professional Development Provider by the Professional Regulation Commission CPD-Council in Accountancy with accreditation number: 2018-201. The Company conducts in-house trainings and seminars for private companies, government institutions, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions.

It also conducts trainings and seminars which are open for public. ACCQ Consultancy became the recipient of the Golden Globe Annual Awards in 2019 for Business in the field of Professional Business Management Consultancy.

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