The 3rd Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Professionals' Summit: Navigating the Next Frontier of Privacy Protection and Cyber Defense by IAM Training Services - SpeedyCourse Philippines
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The 3rd Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Professionals' Summit: Navigating the Next Frontier of Privacy Protection and Cyber Defense

Conference by  IAM Training Services
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Ended last Mar 22, 2024
PHP  10,640.00


The 3rd Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Professionals' Summit
Navigating the Next Frontier of Privacy Protection and Cyber Defense
21-22 March 2024 @ The Sequoia Hotel Manila Bay
Why This is Worth Your While
The 3rd Data Privacy & Cybersecurity Professionals’ Summit provides a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of crucial aspects in the fields of cybersecurity and data privacy, offering valuable insights, strategies, and networking opportunities for professionals to enhance their expertise and contribute effectively in their respective domains. The featured learning sessions offers several benefits:
Cutting-Edge Strategies: Each session explores advanced and contemporary topics, providing attendees with insights into the latest trends and strategies in cybersecurity and data privacy.
Comprehensive Knowledge: Attendees gain a holistic understanding of diverse aspects, ranging from Zero Trust security implementation to differential privacy, cloud security, incident response tactics, and more.
Regulatory Updates: Sessions such as "Navigating the Evolving Landscape" and "Governance for Cross-Border Data Flows" keep participants updated with recent regulations and best practices, ensuring compliance with evolving laws and standards.
Emerging Technologies: Sessions like "Privacy Excellence in Emerging Technologies" shed light on the ethical governance of cutting-edge technologies, allowing professionals to stay informed about the latest developments.
Risk Management: Sessions focusing on risk assessment, such as "Data Privacy Governance in Vendor Engagements" and "Contractual Governance in Data Protection," provide insights into managing risks associated with vendors and contractual obligations.
Resilience Building: "Cyber Resilience in Remote Work" equips attendees with advanced tactics to secure distributed work environments, addressing the increasing challenges of remote work security.
Practical Applications: Several sessions emphasize real-world applications and practical strategies, empowering professionals to implement learned concepts effectively within their respective organizations.
Networking Opportunities: The summit facilitates networking with industry experts and peers, fostering collaborations, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of ideas among professionals, enhancing professional connections within the field.
You Will Gain Substantial Learning from All These Learning Sessions
Plenary Session 1: Redefining Security Paradigms: A Thorough Guide to Zero Trust Implementation Strategies
Plenary Session 2: Strategic Integration of AI in Cybersecurity: Leveraging Intelligent Solutions and Applications
Plenary Session 3: Differential Privacy Mastery: In-Depth Understanding and Versatile Applications in Data Protection
Plenary Session 4: Data Privacy and Security in the Cloud: Advanced Strategies for Robust Cloud Environments
Plenary Session 5: Data Breach Preparedness: Comprehensive Strategies and Incident Response Tactics
Plenary Session 6: Navigating the Evolving Landscape: The NPC’s Recent Updates and Best Practices in Implementing the Data Privacy Act
Plenary Session 7: Governance for Cross-Border Data Flows: Compliance Implications and Privacy Strategies in Global Context
Plenary Session 8: Data Sovereignty Governance: Compliance, Localization, and Protection Dynamics
Plenary Session 9: Comprehensive Guide to Privacy Impact Assessments and Audits: Compliance Strategies
Plenary Session 10: Privacy Excellence in Emerging Technologies: Design Principles, Ethical Governance, and Strategic Implementation
Plenary Session 11: Data Privacy Governance in Vendor Engagements: Comprehensive Risk Assessments and Strategic Management
Plenary Session 12: Contractual Governance in Data Protection: Compliance Commitments and Provisions in Vendor Contracts
Who Will Find Value in this Learning Opportunity
Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Data Protection Officers (DPOs), Cybersecurity Analysts, Privacy Officers, IT Security Managers, Compliance Officers, Risk Managers, Security Architects, Legal and Regulatory Affairs Personnel, Technology and IT Managers,
Security Consultants, Network and Systems Administrators, Privacy Advocates and Researchers, Security Operations Center (SOC) Personnel.
Conference Rates
The early bird rates for the conference is at 5,000 plus VAT (one day) or 9,500 + VAT (two days).
Inclusions are hotel food (AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack), training materials, all speaker presentations in soft copy, and training certificate.


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