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The 1st Supervisory Skills Summit: Harnessing Supervisory Skills Towards Organizational Success

Conference by  IAM Training Services
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Ended last Mar 21, 2024
PHP  5,600.00


The 1st Supervisory Skills Summit
Harnessing Supervisory Skills Towards Organizational Success
21 March 2024 @ The Sequoia Hotel Manila Bay
Conference Overview
Supervisors play a critical role in leading and guiding their teams. Supervisory skills training equips them with the necessary leadership abilities to inspire and motivate their employees, set clear expectations, and provide guidance on achieving organizational goals. Effective leadership fosters a positive work environment, boosts employee morale, and enhances overall productivity. Moreover, supervisors need strong communication skills to effectively convey information, instructions, and feedback to their team members. Continuous learning helps them develop active listening skills, clarity in communication, and the ability to adapt their communication style to different individuals and situations. Additionally, supervisors learn to build positive relationships with their team members, promoting trust, collaboration, and a sense of belonging.
The First Supervisory Skills Summit is beneficial to contemporary supervisors because it aims to enhance their leadership skills, enhance their communication and relationship-building abilities, equip them with conflict resolution techniques, strengthen their performance management skills, foster their adaptability in managing change, and promote employee development. These abilities are crucial for fostering a positive work environment, optimizing team performance, and attaining organizational success.
Featured Plenary Sessions
Plenary Session 1: Empowering Excellence: Supervisory Leadership for Success
Plenary Session 2: Elevating Your Leadership Impact: Communication Training for Supervisors
Plenary Session 3: The Art of Strategic Decision Making: Equipping Supervisors for Leadership Excellence
Plenary Session 4: From Chaos to Control: Time Management for Optimal Productivity
Plenary Session 5: The Coaching Edge: Enhancing Team Member Performance
Plenary Session 6: Embrace, Evolve, Excel: The Pathway of Adaptability
Plenary Session 7: Overcoming Overwhelm: Practical Approaches to Stress Management
Plenary Session 8: The Boss Equation: Unlocking the Secrets to Managing Your Boss
Target Participants
Supervisors, Team Leaders, Middle Managers, Department Heads, Operations Managers, Shift Managers, Project Managers, Line Managers, Frontline Managers, and Floor Supervisors
Conference Rates
The early bird rates for the conference is at 5,000 + VAT.
Inclusions are hotel food (AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack), training materials, all speaker presentations in soft copy, and training certificate. 
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