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This course will guide you in designing and managing a comprehensive compensation and benefits program which is geared towards motivating and retaining your good employees. You will likewise learn the essential processes in compensation, such as job analysis, job evaluation and payroll.

What you'll learn
-Explain the basic principles, objectives and components of an effective compensation management
-Learn the competencies, duties and responsibilities of Compensation and Benefits Officer
-Calculate the different payroll components
-Learn how to design an equitable and competitive salary structure and benefits package, using job evaluation and salary benchmarking


Track 1: Compensation & Benefits Overview
A. Components of Compensation Management
B. Compensation Philosophy
C. Compensation Administration Process

Track 2: The Compensation & Benefits Officer
A. Roles & Functions
B. Competencies

Track 3: Essentials of Compensation & Benefits Management
A. Payroll Administration
B. Types of Compensation
C. Primary Determinants of Compensation

Track 4: Salary Management
A. Introduction to Job Evaluation
B. Basic Salary Structure Design

Track 5: Benefits Management
A. Mandatory Benefits
B. Company-sponsored Benefits
C. Employee Services
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