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SPMC Corporate and General-Public Speaking Engagement

From our experiences living and working locally and abroad, in most cases, when an Organization's business and challenges become extremely "difficult" or extremely "boring", the need of having "someone" to inspire its People aside from its usual top management executives, founders or CEOs, "someone" may or may not be a Stakeholder of the company, become increasingly essential to keep the morale high, sustain the passion momentum and fuel inspiration.

SPMC understood this business cycle, and therefore, SPMC provides services for this need to interested Clients - a Corporate / General Public Speaking Engagement (i.e. Inspirational or Motivational speaking approach) designed to suit any Organization's Missions and Visions, thru Client's Organizational Core Values.

Such Corporate-General Public Speaking duration may last to an hour, minimum, depending on the subject matter / focused and specific topics, that is/are aligned to Organization's culture and values.
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SPMC Founder-Corporate Trainers and Team-of-Experts have 30+ collective years of experiences in executive, senior and middle management, manufacturing, projects and marketing fields based in 11 countries on 3 continents. Its most recent role being an Independent Director Consultant and Senior Project Director for US $5Mn~$100Mn projects in plants across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

SPMC Trainers Team most recent move was with Libra Projects in Abu Dhabi, UAE and UNIS Thai in Bangkok, Thailand, as Independent Director Consultant / SPMC Manager respectively. In 2016, joined Braj Binani Group in UAE as President for Projects with concurrent role as General Manager of 1x6,500 tpd and 1x1,500 tpd Integrated Clinker/Cement Plant in China. Furthermore, the various tasks demand provision of Consultancy Services on Operations-and-Maintenance and Project Management to stakeholders in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, UAE, Bangladesh and the Philippines. SPMC Trainers Team also have worked with ACC Limited India in 2011 (a Holcim company) as Regional Technical Advisor responsible to drive Manufacturing Excellence and Initiatives to all the South Region Plants with 9.70 MTPA total cement production capacity. ...

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