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Live Seminar: Sales Presentation & Pitching Techniques

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On-Site / Seminar
Ended last Oct 04, 2022
PHP  3,920.00 (VAT incl.)


How you present your product can make or break a sale, so invest in fine-tuning your sales pitch and presentation. This 1-day seminar helps you prepare product or service presentations that will not bore your customer or audience. Learn techniques to enhance your business presentation skills, fine-tune your sales pitch and presentation deck, make compelling sales pitches and call to action. Find out other effective ways to sell your product through effective communication.

What you'll learn
-Learn how to confidently build rapport with your customers
-Discover new ways to do sales presentations
-Know how to handle questions and objections during your sales presentation
-Learn different styles and approaches to product presentations


1. Different Types of Sales Presentations
2. Customer Profiling Your Target Audience
3. The Sales Pitch
4. Content Information & Message Formulation
5. Sales Presentation Style & Techniques
6. Building Rapport with Your Customer Audience
7. Getting Attention with an Interesting Opening
8. Sales Presentation Clinic
9. Dealing with Difficult Customers and Objections
10. Closing & Call to Action


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