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What do you want to learn today?


What if you could learn how to close 10+ 20+ 30+ deals per month or more?

Who is this for?

  • Real Estate Agents Currently selling only 0-1 deals per month earning P0.00 – P100,000

o   Imagine selling 10+ units earning upwards of P1,000,000 per month.

  • Insurance Financial Advisors selling 1-3 deals per month earning P900-P24,000

o   Imagine selling 20+ policies earning upwards of P500,000 per month.

  • Car Sales Agents selling 0-3 units per month earning P0.00 – P30,000

o   Imagine selling 15+ units earning upwards of P150,000 per month.

  • New Business just opened and having gross sales of only P100,000 per month.
  • This is for anyone in Sales or Runs/Owns a Business or wants to open a business.

What if you could increase your business 1,000% or more in 30 days?

What if you had a guaranteed way of having all your email opened and your prospects take action?

What if you could turn your cold calls into warm calls?

What if you could BLOCK OBJECTIONS instead of trying to handle them with rebuttals?

What if you had a Coach, Mentor, and Trainer for a lifetime to assure your Success and Prosperity?

Imagine you are now the top sales consultant, Financial Advisor, Business Development Manager because you made an intelligent decision to attend our upcoming Seminar and Workshop!


Here is what you will learn:

  • How to generate leads on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other Social Sites
  • How to write scripts or content for your emails and posts that get prospects to open and take action.
  • How to use Powerful covert hypnotic words to get your prospects to buy what your selling.
  • How to build a relationship with your prospect that will have them asking for the sale, in other words, “Selling Without Selling”
  • How to BLOCK Objections before they are even spoken! This technique will help you close 98% of all your presentations.
  • How to make cold calls.
  • How to make cold calls into warm calls.
  • How to follow up to close deals.
  • How to turn your current sales into a lifetime income generator.
  • How to manage your Time and schedule to increase sales 1,000% or more in 30 days
  • How to create a Business Plan to get financing for a new start-up Business
  • How to Market a new business so your Grand Opening get’s a Full house
  • How to take your current business and increase revenue by 1,000% or more in 30 days
  • How to turn your passion into a successful business
  • How to find business partners and financing for your business ideas and concepts
  • How to start a conversation with anyone that leads to an appointment
  • How to start your sales presentation and close the deal
  • How this one “Secret Technique” will help close 99% of all sales presentations!
  • Much, much more!

This is a Seminar-Workshop, which means you also get to work on a mock sales presentation. We will give you all the answers and questions to ask during a real live presentation. You will never have to stutter or have a hard time finding the right things to say in order to close the deal.

This full 8-hour Seminar-Workshop will show you tried and true methods to accomplish all of the above and more!


Seminar-Workshop includes:

  • Workbook and Pen
  • Handouts
  • Continental Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Snack
  • Beverages
  • Lifetime Coach, Trainer, and Mentor
  • Certificate of Attendance and Completion


Warren Christopher Pique

Who I am…What I can offer…

High Energy with Humility and Integrity

Sales Training, Coaching and Mentoring Workshops/Seminars

Implementing marketing initiatives that increase product/service sales, expand market share and improve corporate brands is how I add value.

Real Estate Sales, Insurance Sales, Auto Sales, IT Sales, Radio, TV and Print Sales
Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing

Retail Marketing

Import/Export Marketing Local and International

Learn how to close deals faster

Block Objections…STOP trying to overcome them!

How to increase sales/business 1000%

I also utilize my certification as a Master Black Belt Six Sigma to accomplish waste management and efficient management strategies to improve processes and excellent customer service.

An accomplished Business English Communications Instructor/Trainer

Customer Service, Sales & Marketing professional

Expertise in sales management

Hotel/Restaurant marketing and management

Event Planning

Talent Development for Modeling (Brands/TV Commercials/TV and Movie extras/Musical groups/bands/MC)

Marketing prowess
Lead Generation

Versant, Berlitz, JD Powers Evaluator

I am well-qualified to serve as your next Speaker, Outbound/Inbound Sales Consultant/Communications Teacher/Trainer/Operations/Quality Assurance Consultant and Business Development Director

“I Guarantee to Improve your Bottom-line!”

Clients include…

GM ~ Ford ~ USA Today ~ Washington Times ~ National Lending Corporation ~ ReMax Realtors Century 21 ~ Verizon ~ AT&T ~ Time Warner Cable ~ NBC ~ CBS ~ American Culinary Federation ~ GEICO Insurance ~ Blue Cross Blue Shield ~ Kaiser Permanente ~ FWD Insurance Philippines



Special Offer

Investment: P2,998.00
Early Bird Discount of P500 off (2 or more weeks prior) Only P2,498.00

Payments accepted:

VISA/MasterCard Credit Card and VISA/MasterCard Debit Card thru

Cash Deposit/Transfer:
BPI #0489-6099-91 Warren C Pique
Paymaya: (7-11, SM Dept Stores, Robinsons Dept Stores)
VISA: # 4834-4220-2581-6984

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