Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants: Accounting 101
Basic Accounting for Non-Accountants: Accounting 101
Training Details

Accounting for Non-Accountants is a training course that will enlighten you with all that you need to know about the Accounting Basics.It is an Accounting 101 seminar to equip you with the right knowledge and skill sets for you to fully realize the ins and outs of the financial and management sides of business.After this training, expect to understand Accounting as a tool that you can use on actual situations of your chosen field.

By the end of the seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. To obtain a full understanding of the General Accounting Theories including the basic Accounting terms, Accounting process and Financial Statements.
  2. To be able to comprehend and analyze the 4 Financial Statements (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Statement of Changes in Equity) through special ratios and measurements.
  3. To be knowledgeable of the Methods of Accounting.
  4. To know how to apply Financial Information in real-life decision making from a Financial and Managerial stand point.
  5. To appreciate Accounting Basics in a relative and engaging way.

Who is this for?
• Aspiring Entrepreneurs
• Business Owners
• Accounting Students
• Accounting Professionals
• Other Professionals
• And anyone who wants to Learn Accounting

Course Outline:

1. Introduction
1.1 What is accounting?
1.2 Accounting Process
1.3 Users of Financial Statements
1.4 Accounting 101: Information System
1.5 Underlying Accounting Concepts & Principles

2. Preparation of the Basic Financial Reports
2.1 Balance Sheet
2.2 Income Statement
2.3 Cash Flow Statement

3. Ratios and Analysis
3.1 Analysis & Interpretation of Financial Statements: The Business’ strengths and weaknesses
3.2 Liquidity Analysis
3.3 Profitability Analysis
3.4 Activity Analysis
3.5 Capital Structure Analysis
Ms. Rizza R. Weigand

She has over Fifteen Years (15) of Extensive Experience in Finance, Controllership, Business Process Outsourcing (General Accounting), Taxation, Business Registration and Incorporation, Account Management, Information Systems Implementation. She has handled more than 100 companies nationwide from Micro, Small, Medium and Large companies from service, distribution, manufacturing, cooperative, real estate and others.

She was a former Business Process Outsourcing Manager of an accounting / auditing firm here in one of
the companies in Tektite, then was transferred as the Sales & Marketing Manager for System Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics Nav since the top management saw the utmost potential for systems as well.

Currently, she’s the President and CEO of Trendstatic Corporation, which caters consultancy both accounting and taxation, FS Analysis, systems implementation (accounting and payroll software), web design and development. She is managing the implementation team of SAP and Microsoft Dynamics NAV an ERP solution and other software like QuickBooks, Peachtree, MYOB for small to medium companies.

She was also the Resource Speaker for Accounting for Non Accountants Training, Bookkeeping for Non Accountants, Taxation and how to handle BIR Audit and Payroll & Benefits Administration for the past 4 years in one of the well known training provider here in the Philippines.

As one of the incorporator and board of Director of TrendStatic corporation, One of her mission is to help business owners and professionals, be knowledgeable about the financial statement and aware of the taxation and its impact in our business and how to deal with it.
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